Women’s Activist from Saudi Arabia – Maha Fitaihi

We have heard that Saudi women do not have the right to drive a car.  Well-known women’s activist, Maha Fitahi actually predicted that Saudi women would get the right to drive within a few months from the time CNN broadcast a report about her in March of 2003.  Maha was off on her prediction, but watch the TV report below and find out what Maha wants even more than the right to drive a car. You might want to find out more about this incredible woman, Maha Fitahi.  In the TV report, she was walking in the market of Jeddah with CNN reporter Nic Robertson, knowing that she could get in trouble big-time with the ‘religious police’ for being in public with an unrelated man!

A ‘reform’ is the reorganization and improvement in government policy that is considered to be faulty, ineffective or unjust.  How does the political cartoon below reflect the situation the Saudi government faces with voices of change such as Maha Fitahi?

For a younger person’s perspective on the status of young women in Saudi Arabia, the link below is to an article from The New York Times that also includes related articles, a slide show and blogs from Saudi Arabia. Here’s a photo that goes with the article.

The caption to the photo of the 18-year-old Saudi girl in the car reads:

“More young men in cars are chasing other cars they believe to contain young women, to try to give the women their phone numbers via Bluetooth.”  So, do you think it will be technology that changes the role and status of women in Saudi Arabia?

The New York Times article –

‘Love on the Girls’ Side of the Saudi Divide’

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